N.I. Shetland Pony Group

Established in 1991



NISPG Show Results

3 September 2011


Judge: Mr T A Jones. Wales




1.   Glenlough Perfecta                             Glenlough Stud

2.   Carrickfergus Misty Surprise              G Laverty

3.   Beltoy Kizzara                                    Zoe Bell


2/3 Year Old Colt, Gelding or Filly


1.   Merkisayre Brainstorm                        G Laverty

2.   Glenlough Persuasion                         Glenlough Stud

3.   Beltoy Roseaisla                                 Tony Bell




1.   Oxendale Kayman                              S Atkinson

2.   Westpark Rising Sun                          Tony Bell

3.   Mill of Towie Gordon                         Sharon Cumberland


Yeld Mare


1.   Beltoy Perfection                                Tony Bell

2.   Glenlough Penny                                Sharon Cumberland

3.   Naomi’s Mistral                                  A D Wheeler


Brood Mare


1.   Horninglow Aira Force                       G Laverty

2.   Zennor Tallulah                                   Trudy Reid

3.   Ravenswing Jazmine                           Tony Bell




1.   Toreagh Rising Sun                             Michelle McDonald

2.   Beltoy Juniper                                     Tony Bell

3.   Zennor Maximillan                              Trudy Reid


Gelding 4 Years Old or Over


1.   Clothie Night Hascosay                      Glenlough Stud

2.    HRE Hobbit                                        Trudy Reid

3.    Toreagh Spirit                                     Michelle McDonald


  Miniature Any Age

1.      Glenkee Duncan                                 Sharon Cumberland

Newcomers Class


1.   Merkisayre Dusky                               G Laverty

2.   Beltoy Rising Tempest                        Debbie Smith

3.   Glenlough Penny                                Michelle Cumberland


Coloured Pony Any Age


1.      Mill of Towie Gordon                         Sharon Cumberland

2.      Clothie Night Hascosay                      Glenlough Stud

3.      Beltoy Regal                                       Pam Harris


Novice 1/2/3 Years Old


1.   Beltoy Jubilee                                     Tony Bell

2.   Yarpha Quest                                      Sharon Cumberland

3.   Beltoy Kizzara                                    Zoe Bell


Novice 4 Years Old or Over


1.   Zennor Tallulah                                   Trudy Reid

2.   Wildways Kismet                               Sharon Cumberland

3.   Merkisayre Dusky                               G Laverty


Lead Rein


1.   Barns Isabel                                        Lucy Smith

2.   Clothie Night Hascosay                      Chloe Bell

3.   Marcus of Hools                                 Katie Bell


Open Ridden


      1.   Barns Rosanna                                    Hannah Thompson


Young Handler up to 10 Years Old


1.   Erin Laverty

2.   Lydia Reid

3.   Luke Wheeler


Young Handler 10 to 16 Years Old


1.   Hannah Thompson

2.   Sophie McDonald

3.   Emma Anderson


Young Handler Championship


            Champion: Hannah Thompson

            Reserve Champion: Erin Laverty

Progeny Class


1.   Kensons Naomi & Naomi’s Mistral                                      A D Wheeler

2.   Westpark Rising Sun & Beltoy Rising Tempest                     Tony Bell/Debbie Smith

3.   Beltoy Perfection & Beltoy Roseaisla                                    Beltoy Stud


Novice Championship


Champion: Beltoy Jubilee

Reserve Champion: Yarpha Quest


Junior Championship


Champion: Merkisayre Brainstorm

Reserve Champion: Glenlough Perfecta


Senior Championship


Champion: Beltoy Perfection

Reserve Champion: Barns Rosanna


Supreme Championship


Champion: Beltoy Perfection

Reserve Champion: Merkisayre Brainstorm



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